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As noted in the previous entry, my mom was able to clarify Allen Stokes' death record. He was in fact living in Baltimore, but was on a business trip in Georgia when he died suddenly. His body was then shipped home to Baltimore for burial. Hence the death record reading "MD, Georgia." Seems a funny way to be recorded, but it at least makes a little more sense.

My mom also says that Flossie used to swear we were related to General Pickett. So not the Robert E. Lee connection I'd mis-remembered from childhood, but close. The only way I can think of for that to have worked is if one of her brothers married one of his descendants, given that both her parents came here from Denmark.

The circus thing is, still, thus far a maddening exercise in futility. On a whim, I made a separate family tree for Spencer Quinn Stokes, his wife, and his four daughters, to see what kind of hints Ancestry came up with. The grand result? NOTHING. I swear, these people don't really exist, or someone was making sh!t up.

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